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Yowda – Wish That I Was Playin ft. Riff Raff

Music video for Maybach artist Yowda, featuring Riff Raff with a cameo by Rick Ross and Chumlee from Pawn Stars.

Clinton Sparks – The Reaper ft. Snoop Dogg & Problem (Official Music Video)

This is a music video for DJ/Producer/Musician Clinton Sparks.

During a photo shoot for his new single “The Reaper”, Clinton got the idea of shooting an impromptu music video.  We were lucky to have been gotten connected through word of mouth.

Shot guerrilla style in 24 hours,  we were able to move very quickly with the Red Epic scaled down to a handheld rig.

Stephen Wesley – All Night Long

This is the music video we created for country artist Stephen Wesley.  Shot entirely on a private beach in Laguna Beach and a ship off the California coast.  Shot of the Red Epic and Red Scarlet.  Drone shots with the Go Pro Hero 4.

Janelle Nikole – What if I Told You

This is the music video I shot and directed for Las Vegas singer/song writer Janelle Nikole

Shot entirely on location at the Golden Gate Hotel on Freemont Street Experience in downtown Vegas.

This was shot on the Canon 5D MKII, using Tokina zoom lenses and camera moves using Glidecam X-10.

Silly Rabbit (Extended Version)

This is a music video I shot for Montreal artist Natasha T. Marie.

Using the Red Scarlet – X 4K camera and Zeiss ZF prime lenses.  It was shot over 2 days using a local club for the performance scene.  I was only able to use 4 lights to shoot this video, since traveling with my usual kit was too expensive, we had to rent from a local rental house, and they’re selection was not too great…

Night of the Chainsaw

This is the music video I shot for Insane Clown Posse, using the Red Scarlet-X, shooting at 60 fps on 2K.

The post production process was to ramp the action sequence, and by using the slow motion feature on the camera to accentuate the scene.

We also used the Canon 5D MKII to shoot the “chainsaw cam”, using various grip gear to mount the camera to the chainsaw.

Lovely Lullaby Music Video

This is the music video for LA artist Korianna.  It was shot in one day in a penthouse in the Panorama Towers in Las Vegas, Nevada.

With this video I wanted to accentuate the sensuality of the song, so I used soft, diffused lighting and gentle camera movements to bring the viewer into the storyline.  Of course the artists’ beauty made my job easier, her welcoming stares draw you in and her spirit really completes this video.


Panasonic HVX 200

Letus Extreme adapter

Zeiss primes – 25mm, 50mm and 85mm


Magic Bullet Grading

Leaving Springfield – Johnny Sunshine

Johnny Sunshine was originally a song based on a TV weather man in Los Angeles, but after a cease and desist letter was handed to the band, they decided to tweak the title and keep the song.  During live performances you’ll hear the original title being sung!

The band performance and green screen were all shot in a rehearsal studio in Las Vegas.  All the shots of the TV program were shot on green screen and was composited in After Effects.

Airamis – In the Zone (Sexy Girl)

Music video for Las Vegas artist Airamis.  Directed by McKinley Presents. Shot and edited by Michael Su.

J Rich – Off Da Meter

Music video for J Rich from San Francisco and Miami.

With this music video, I served as Director of Photography/Camera Operator/Editor/Color & Effects.  Shot in one day on a hot day in Las Vegas!