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Michael Su Red Reel 2013

Here is the culmination of work in the past year using the Red Cinema Cameras.

Both the Epic and Scarlet are used for this reel, shooting at 4K raw in 120 fps, 24 fps and 2K raw in 60 fps.

Silly Rabbit (Extended Version)

This is a music video I shot for Montreal artist Natasha T. Marie.

Using the Red Scarlet – X 4K camera and Zeiss ZF prime lenses.  It was shot over 2 days using a local club for the performance scene.  I was only able to use 4 lights to shoot this video, since traveling with my usual kit was too expensive, we had to rent from a local rental house, and they’re selection was not too great…

Kaskade Summer Lovin 2013

This is a video I shot for Marquee Las Vegas for EDM great Kaskade.

Filmed over 2 nights and days using the Red Scarlet.  Shot in 4K @ 24fps and 2K @ 60fps with available club lighting.

Night of the Chainsaw

This is the music video I shot for Insane Clown Posse, using the Red Scarlet-X, shooting at 60 fps on 2K.

The post production process was to ramp the action sequence, and by using the slow motion feature on the camera to accentuate the scene.

We also used the Canon 5D MKII to shoot the “chainsaw cam”, using various grip gear to mount the camera to the chainsaw.

Hot N Juicy Calendar Search 2013

Commercial for 2013 Hot N Juicy Crawfish Calendar Model Search.